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FIVE reasons to visit Red Mountain

Of course, you visit Red Mountain for the first hand views of state-of-the-art vineyards that award-winning wines are made from, but there is much more to enjoy in this tiny AVA. At only 4,040 acres, this little triangle on the #WAWine map is boasting big headlines. Less than two years away from celebrating 20 years as an AVA, now is a great time to discover Red Mountain. It’s the ultimate place for wine enjoyment and Instagram worthy shots. Vineyard dinners, wine tasting, horseback riding, hiking and out of this world sunsets all represent the iconic attractions of Red Mountain. Here are five reasons why you should visit Red Mountain this year.

1. Kiona Vineyards and Winery | @Kionawine

The history of Red Mountain starts with Kiona as they were the first to plant wine grapes in the AVA before it was an AVA. Digging their own trenches for power and negotiating with the water company to convince them water existed in the area, they paved the way for other vineyards to plant. Kiona offers single varietal wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese, Lemberger, Riesling and other favorites like the occasional ice wine and late harvest wines.

Pro Tip: They have a fantastic patio that overlooks their oldest block and offer an array of easy to pick up snacks to tide you over while tasting wines.

2. Red Mountain Trails Sunset Dinners | @redmountaintrails

Enjoying dinner while overlooking plush vines and a winding river is a part of a beautiful dream, but on Red Mountain, it’s a reality. Red Mountain Trails offer sunset dinners at Artz Vineyard Thursday – Sunday. With a custom menu designed to perfectly match the wines they hand select from local Red Mountain wineries, the only thing missing is you.

Pro Tip: Book your reservation early to get a seat, wear sunscreen and prepare for a wonderful evening.

3. Frichette Winery | @frichettewinery

Enjoy a tasting experience at one of the family micro wineries on Red Mountain offering single varietal bold and balanced wines. Chances are the winemakers will be behind the bar pouring or mingling with guests on the patio. And do check out their edutainment events like vineyard tours, winemaker dinners and vertical tastings.

Pro Tip: Book their Private Concierge Tasting to get an inside peek at the barrel room and enjoy a seated guided tasting with one of their knowledgeable edutainers.

4. Upchurch | @upchurchvineyard

Taste wine produced by one of the iconic winemakers in Washington State. With travel to some of the most notable wine regions in the world, Chris Upchurch has brought his favorite and most interesting winemaking techniques to his own limited production winery. Upchurch offers a Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot dominant blend.

Pro Tip: Book your appointment in advance and be sure to ask for a tour. You won’t want to miss an up-close and personal view of their cement eggs.

5. Views | @RedMtnAVA

Be in the moment and enjoy Red Mountain, but don’t miss the chance to take in the views. From several vantage views, you will see vineyards at different angels and elevations plus a variety of trellis systems.

Pro Tip: Be camera ready. The sun, the sky, the dirt and the vineyards are all picturesque and you won’t want to miss a shot.

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