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Treasure Hunt in Wine Country

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Perhaps you've noticed the decor, statues, and symbols around the wineries in the Heart of Washington Wine Country. If not, this weekend is a great time to slow down to find some hidden treasures at the wineries. Ten wineries have selected "treasures" on their properties that tie closely to their winery, winemaking, or vineyard practices. Check out their clues below and see if you can find the treasures this Second Saturday, July 11 for a chance to win a SWAG Bag. Most of the treasures can be found from the comfort of your car. If you are interested in enjoying wine at the winery, please contact the winery to schedule an appointment. Or take a look around as you enjoy the contactless curbside wine pick up. Also on the mountain, you'll find Ninja Bistro at Fidelitas.

Visit #Exit96Wineries in Benton City THIS WEEKEND to enjoy the reopening experience and for a chance to win a #Exit96TreasureHunt SWAG Bag!

What to do:

1. Visit FOUR or more wineries on Second Saturday Weekend (July 11-12)

2. Post a pic of the "treasures" from each winery

3. Include the hashtag #Exit96TreasureHunt

One winner will be selected at random by looking up the #Exit96TreasureHunt Winner will be contacted to pick up SWAG Bag.

#Exit96TreasureHunt CLUES

1. Col Solare | (509) 588-6806 | 50207 Antinori Road, Benton City

What is 60’ tall and receives the most requests for a tour?

2. Fidelitas | (509) 588-3469 | 51810 N Sunset Rd, Benton City

A symbol for “faithful, loyal, true”, that can be found on a bottle and in the vineyard too!

3. Frichette Winery | (509) 426-3227 | 39412 N Sunset Rd, Benton City

This is home to someone “who” protects our vineyard from pests

4. Hedges Family Estate | (509) 588-3155 | 53511 N Sunset Rd, Benton City

Part of our biodynamic team; a statue of one of our feathered friends

5. Hightower | (509) 588-2867 | 19418 E 583 PR NE, Benton City

What is both inside and outside our wine?

6. Purple Star Wines | (509) 628-7799 | 56504 NE Roza Rd, Benton City

Shake a Tail Feather

7. Red Mountain Trails Winery | (509) 832-3561 | 27314 E Ambassador Pr NE, Benton City

Howdy, welcome to the “neigh”borhood!

8. Sleeping Dog Wines | (509) 460-2886 | 45804 N Whitmore Prnw, Benton City

What is a serious artistic piece that reminds us that every dog has its day?

9. Tapteil | (509) 588-4460 | 20206 E 583 PR NE, Benton City

What is purple in color and closely related to mint and rosemary?

10. Upchurch | (425) 298-4923 | 32901 Vineyard View PR NE, Benton City

There was never a dog more guapo, He loved good cheese and tacos, Alas, he grew old, So now a stone mold, In memory, our beloved friend Paco

*Wineries are open for curbside service and wine enjoyment. Appointments are necessary to enjoy wine at the wineries. Please schedule now to get a spot on a beautiful patio! Groups of up to five welcomed. Face masks are required.

SWAG Bag includes:

Fidelitas logo CamelBak water bottle

Fidelitas logo Vino Chapeau wine glass covers (2)

Col Solare logo Riedel decanter

Hightower Cellars poster

Hightower Cellars wine key

Upchurch handmade lavender soaps

Sleeping Dog hat

Frichette hat

Tapteil logo wine glass

Purple Star logo Riedel wine glass

Hedges Family Estate logo Gabriel wine glass

SWAG Bag retail value over $150. No cash value.

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